About Us

What initially started as a project to build our own CNC machine and play around, quickly turned into something more. As demand for specialty jobs increased and a partnership with Opendesk was built, we realized that perhaps this hobby could be a business. Established officially in 2015, Sandy Eggo CNC is currently a small home run shop, located in Vista, California.

We make custom signs, parts and crafts primarily with our 4′ x 8′ CNC router, but we also have the ability to laser cut/engrave small items. We’re always tinkering though, so some projects include the more typical tools of a woodshop (bandsaw, table saw, planer, jointer, etc) while others may even make use of our 3D printer for prototyping.

We really care about the durability and longevity of our projects. No one wants to buy a piece of furniture that breaks only months later. Durability doesn’t mean you can’t use sustainable materials though. We find it very rewarding to fabricate much of our furniture projects from FSC certified Baltic Birch.

The Workshop

We perform all levels of craftsmanship from prototyping through fully finished products that can live indoors or outdoors. We work out of our home shop and do most of the work as it comes in and stock very little product.

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