American Flag

The Challenge

Tasked by a local restaurant I was asked to make a USA flag, all out of wood. This required a planer which I did not have and purchased to complete this project properly. The stars were the next challenge but after a couple male/female prototypes I was able to interface the stars so they fit with very little gaps.

The Solution

I was going to use a blue stain on the walnut star field but opted not to at the last minute. This gives the sign a natural look as no stains were used. The glue up portion of the build was fairly easy as I used cauls to keep the wood from sliding around due to the glue between the boards. A linseed and hot beeswax mix was then used to finish the flag.

Project Details

Materials Used

Maple, purple heart and walnut woods, glued together with Titebond II

Tools & Process

Rough cut everything, plane all the wood, machine the star field, glue everything together and seal

Finished Result

An outstanding looking flag with crisp lines and great offsetting colors

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