Cuia Acia Restaurant Build Out

I was approached with a monster of a project for my little shop. Work off a Sketchup file which was a 3D representation of a future restaurant, in San Francisco. I worked with the customers and hashed out to the plan, make it all, paint it and get it all packed up in a PODS shipping container. 

All of the parts I made fit to plan, were painted with an epoxy based paint to survive the shipping and were installed onsite without issue.  Pretty amazing considering it was my first real cabinetry build. I made essentially everything pictured, the refrigerator surround, the front cashier cabinet, the long cabinets behind it, the signage and the arches hanging from the ceiling. 

Project Details

Materials Used

18mm Baltic Birch

12mm Baltic Birch

Tools & Process

CNC Router

Track Saw

Table Saw

Finished Result

An entire restaurant build out completed 500 miles from the intended location and it all fit, the first time!


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