Foot Path Winery

The Challenge

I was asked to do another winery sign, for Foot Path Winery, however this one in a short period of time. This one had an additional challenge which was to also incorporate a way to display the sign. I devised a simple method of dado cutting 4 x 4 posts which the sign would slot into. The result is a simple yet sturdy way to show off the Foot Path Winery name.

The Solution

Thankfully I learned a lot since the first winery sign I did so this next one was far easier and was machined in less than 1/4 of the time versus the first sign. Both sides were machined in the same day, then I moved onto the painting the next day. Two coats of paint were done per day to get to the final 5 coats of paint on each side.

Project Details

Materials Used

3/4″ Baltic Birch plywood and 5 layers of outdoor rated paint

Tools & Process

CNC machine both sides of the sign, paint with 3 colors, waiting 2 days to flip to the other side

Finished Result

The customer dropped the posts in concrete and put the sign up, another great project
Foot Path Winery

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