Lowell Herb Humidor

The Project

I was tasked with creating a cabinet that would function like a humidor and have two display areas on the front. We utilized the same logos but made them 3D to make end cap signs for each side. I worked with the customer to ensure it would be just what they wanted and function properly for usage as a counter top display.

The Solution

The Hard Maple had to be glued up to create larger boards and then the build could begin. Everything was built by hand so the fitment would be correct on drawers that have no sliders. All boards on the same face were cut from the same piece to maintain the grain flow. Everything was lined with Spanish Cedar with a hydrometer to monitor the product stored in the back cabinet. All the wood was planed. jointed and stained with home made stains.

Project Details

Materials Used

1.75″ Hard Maple, .5″ Hard Maple and Spanish Cedar

Tools & Process

Larger boards were created to make the wood to create the cabinet, all fitted a few pieces at a time.
Spanish Cedar was resawn to make thin sheets for the liner. Then lots of clamping and hand planing.

Finished Result

A beautiful hand crafted custom cabinet that functions as a humidor
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