Rush Live Edge Sign

The Challenge

I was informed of a wedding a week before it was going to happen so I went with my go to wood for a live edge sign like this, deodar cedar. It machines well and so long as I use a finishing spray on the wood before I paint the recessed letters, the paint comes off easily.

The Solution

I typically make several of these live edge signs at once however this job required just the one. Once the initial layout is approved by the customer I can get it drafted in CAD. Then an image of the final 3D model is sent to the customer for approval. Once approved I can get it planed, machined, sanded, finish sprayed, painted, sanded and final finish sprayed.

Project Details

Materials Used

1.5″ live edge deodar cedar

Tools & Process

First I plane the wood, then CNC machine it, spray finish, spray paint, sand the next day and then a final finish spray

Finished Result

The sign was placed in a spot of prominence at the wedding for all to see and enjoy

Live Edge Sign

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