Wooden Toy Cars

The Challenge

I was tasked with coming up with the best way to make a lot of toys from a sustainable material while minimizing waste.

The Solution

I collaborated with a customer to figure out the best materials and methods to make the wooden car designs she had in mind.  After some prototyping, we had the materials and method nailed down.  Then it was all a matter of routing the shapes and performing a lot of hand work, using my drill press, sanding and final assembly.

Project Details

Materials Used

A Plyboo branded bamboo sheet for the bodies, Maple for the dowels and Oak for the wheels.

Tools & Process

CNC router for making the bodies and the wheels, a miter saw for the dowels, a table router for the roundover on all the parts and a drill press for the wheel holes.

Finished Result

A whole lot of sustainable toy cars for children to enjoy.

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