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Alexey Surfboard Rack

The Product

The Alexey Surfoard Rack is designed to maximize board storage, be strong, yet be able to flat ship to save on costs.

The Resource

I assumed the Obrary Etsy shop after meeting Scott Austin’s at the San Diego Maker Faire. I’ve added a couple of the Obrary products to my shop because they’re great simple designs that customers love.

Project Details

Materials Used

1/2″ Baltic Birch, 1/4 x 20 pan head bolts with nuts to join the parts and 3/8 diamond poly braided rope

Tools & Process

Machine the parts, random orbital everything, 1/8″ round over bit all the edges, hand sand and then press the nuts in place

Finished Result

A beautiful stand up rack that can hold all sorts of boards from snowboards to stand up paddle boards

* Alexey Surfboard Rack design provided under Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike 4.0 International License, courtesy of Obrary.

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