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Cougar Vinyard and Winery

The Challenge

I was tasked with making a double sided winery sign before I even had my CNC machine running yet. I knew I could get the machine going and complete the task so I accepted the job. I learned a lot about how the machine works making this beast of a sign and in return the customer got a great deal while I took my time to work out the kinks.

The Solution

Using Baltic Birch plywood I machined both sides of the winery sign. Then came the task of hand painting the 5 layers of paint on each side, allowing several days to pass before I flipped it over. No finish was applied so the customer could repaint in a couple years or when needed. The customer had the arbor built to house the sign and looks fantastic driving by it.

Material Types

Tools Used

Days to Complete

Amazing Result

Project Details

Materials Used

3/4″ Baltic Birch plywood and 5 layers of outdoor rated paint

Tools & Process

CNC machine both sides of the sign, paint with 3 colors, waiting 2 days to flip to the other side

Finished Result

The sign set into the arbor makes it really stand out, it was for sure a fun learning experience

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