Marvel Character Disc

The Challenge

I was inspired by the Star Wars Azteca design by David Gonzalez (@nopal62) and decided to create my own version but with Marvel characters.

The Solution

I spent over 60 hours adding content and redrawing everything to make the designs my own rendition and to make them machinable. I used Vectric Aspire to draw everything and then convert it to G-Code to machine. I went through about 10 different iterations of designs before I settled on this one.

Material Types

Tools Used

Days to Complete

Project Details

Materials Used


Tools & Process

CNC Machine

Finished Result

A Marvel “calendar”, inspired by the Aztec Calendar and the Star Wars Calendar by David Gonzalez: @nopal62


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This has been released under Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

What does this mean?

You must attribute (give credit) to the creator: @sandyeggocnc
Remixing or changing this design is allowed.
Commercial use is not permitted.

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