Record Holder

The Challenge

There are so many record holder designs out there and many of them are good but some seem to have some odd characteristics. I decided to take the time to make a design that worked for me.  No hardware is necessary as the connections are friction fit, just a little wood glue.

The Solution

It did take a couple prototypes to get the spacing to first work and then to fit. Then it was onto making some design changes once I knew I liked it and wanted to proceed. Some initial interest was mentioned so here it is for everyone to utilize and enjoy.

Project Details

Materials Used

1/2″ Baltic Birch

Tools & Process

CNC Machine

Finished Result

The nostalgic milk crate has been done many times but I wanted to do my own. It is made from several designs I found and combined based upon how I wanted it to look. It was sized to hold records with a little extra space.


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