How to turn a hobby into a profession

We work every day to create a community in which connect designers, makers and designers..

A community in which transparency, trust and communication in all directions are values that identify and guide us. Therefore, from the minute one we want to promote a meeting point where we all know each other.

For this, what better way than to present those who have already launched to participate in Faberin, either designing, or making exclusive products a la carte, upon request and setting the margin to earn for it. This is something that can be achieved in only 3 clicks, and the first of them you have at your fingertips from this moment, registering as a manufacturer.

Returning to the beginning, the aim of this post is to meet one of the makers who have recently joined Faberin. This is Kyle Emerick, an American, native of the state of California, who has arrived with great strength and proactivity.

Don’t you know him yet? Let’s not wait any longer!